To Avoid Feeling

by Naming Planets

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diniyogini This is such an outstanding first album! The lyrics are sophisticated and very moving. Thank you for sharing your art!
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Dedicated to Haly, Kit, Rowan, Xav, and Cale.


released April 1, 2017

Cover art by Kit Garlet



all rights reserved


Naming Planets Fairfax, Virginia

Solo project of
Sean Jensen.

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Track Name: Ghosting While Driving
She told him to his face he was the only one to save her and to save a little face she spoke in metaphors which made sense in her head but were lost in translation

But the truth was

His eyes don't have that gleam anymore and his lips don't speak those sweet words his skin don't feel as warm as it used to

I'm sorry if the ground beneath my feet begins to freeze by something that you said to me

But he wasn't quite satisfied with that explanation so he turned on his favorite radio station and he put the car in drive and kept his eyes on the red line

Now his eyes don't have that gleam anymore and his lips don't speak those sweet words his skin won't feel as warm as it used to

I'm sorry if the ground beneath my feet begins to freeze by something that you said to me
I'm sorry if my voice begins to fail me when you're near me my loyalty betrayed
Track Name: Old Body // New Skin
There's a place somewhere within where the smell of smoke and the taste of skin becomes too much to bare and the past disappears

But I've been fucking around in the court yard and breaking windows and cutting my forearms and lately I've been trying different keys that I found under my bed

But those keys don't fit in the locks and my clothes don't fit and I lost the box where I used to keep my body folded up

And now my artificial disasters are coming home and they're coming faster and I forgot to tidy up the place while they were away

The ancients proclaimed that the world was gonna end they read the stars and they found meaning and that's what it said

The children wised up to they're faulty calculations but they got it right this time and it's all almost over

Now we've angered a malevolent and violent creature took for granted what we had and now our judgments are reflected in our lives and in the fabric of our minds as it is shredded thin with claws that we gave solid state by will and want collective
Track Name: Couches
I wanna sit with you in a tree I wanna get so drunk that we both fall asleep
on a couch which is missing most of it's feet and we'll spend the night without tears in your eyes

I wanna go to dinner with you I wanna get some nice but affordable food
we can find a pretty place by the yelp reviews and we can fight the cold when we run to the car

I wanna sleep with you in my bed I wanna take some pills that'll fuck up my head I wanna wake up and feel you inside of my clothes I want this song to resonate in your skull

I want you to forget how it feels I wanna numb your pain until nothings real
I wanna swallow your depression until it's my own I wanna wear your shield until I grow old

You wanna hurt yourself really bad you wanna take off in your mom's mini van you wanna wake up a priest prior to being drowned you wanna scream all night without making sound

You want me to show you how it's done you're gonna fall in love with your father's gun you're gonna be bound by blood to your mothers knifes you're gonna wish you were dead you're gonna wish you had tried.

You're going to be more than ok you're gonna live as an angel and die as a saint you will find a cure for cancer you will walk on mars you're gonna help to invent flying cars

You will lead a nation you will end a war you're gonna open your own photography store you will lose your head but keep your heart you're gonna build yourself up and fall apart

And then you'll pick up the pieces and begin again you're gonna be my one forever friend we will talk for eternities and never get bored you're gonna save my life you're gonna save the world
Track Name: Dog Gone (Finding A Small Box In Which To Put Everything I've Said)
There's a dog in me
There's a dog in you
What's a dog supposed to do

Ask the dog to sleep
The lonely dog's not listening
Then what's a dog supposed to do
What's that dog supposed to do